We service for Indoor Air Quality, Air Design, Air Installation Air Maintenance and Air Conditioner and all types of refrigeration including indoor weather check services get air duct cleaning and clean the hood Provide services in places such as factories, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls. oil rig and general buildings

Service Benefits

  • easier to breathe good air circulation
  • Reduce employee time off (cause of illness)
  • Make electrical appliances work at full efficiency. and have a longer service life
  • environment free from contamination that cause airborne infections
  • Reduced power costs, reducing energy consumption

Working Scope

  • Check the weather before and after using the service
  • Remove dust and dirt out of the ventilation system
  • Clean and disinfect the air filter.
  • Remove dirt, oil stains inside the hood.
  • Maintenance, improvement and installation
  • Adjust the climate to be free from germs. and contaminants