Air Hood Cleaning Service

 Hood cleaning service clean the hood clean the hood clean restaurant hood Clean the hotel hood clean the hospital hood Clear the mall hood. and various places, etc.


Benefits of cleaning the hood

  • Can stop the fire due to the accumulation of fat deposits.
  • Eliminate the reservoir of germs that may spread in the air or into food.
  • Prevent device crashes Reduce repair costs.
  • Organizes unpleasant odors from accumulated fat deposits.
  • The device works at full capacity. Longer service life.

Be confident when using the service

  • Because we control the area to prevent grease from entering the stove and kitchen equipment.
  • Because the team has expertise All trained and certified.
  • Because we use environmentally friendly drugs in removing stains.
  • Because we cleared the area clean every time after work.
  • All staff members wear uniforms.
  • All staff members have been vaccinated.