Air Duct Cleaning Service

 Design, manufacture and installation of air ducts, laying air ducts, laying air conditioning systems for buildings or places with various closed systems such as building air traps, hotel air traps. factory air trap hospital air trap oil rig air trap and air trap shopping malls and other places, etc.


What you get from our service.

  • Freshen the air.
  • Make air ventilated.

What you get from our team.

  • Efficient cleaning team.
  • All staff are trained and have a certificate.
  • All staff members wear uniforms.

Benefits of cleaning air ducts.

  • Save electricity.
  • Indoor air circulation system more convenient to transfer.
  • Prevent device crashes Reduce repair costs.
  • Prevent airborne pathogens such as mold.
  • The device works at full capacity. Longer service life

You can be confident when using our service.

  • Because we control the area to prevent dust and aerosol into office equipment.
  • Because we have a professional team All trained and certified.
  • Because we operate according to NSDCA standards.
  • Because we cleared the area Always clean after finishing work.
  • All staff members wear uniforms.
  • All staff members have been vaccinated.